We are on a mission to CyberSecure Kiwis
  • We had a packed live event on 14th Oct in Epsom Community Centre, Epsom

    Our mission is to make NZ Businesses CyberSecure . Click here for individual response plan 
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  • Want to Know More About CyberSecure.KIWI  Solutions for Small Businesses?

    If you want to know more about the vision behind CyberSecure.KIWI and the Solutions to keep businesses secure from CyberThreats., let us know. 
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  • Tips on Personal Cyber Hygiene 

    We have curated some tips on Cyber Hygiene to help  small businesses.
    Please click here for the Personal Cyber Plan  
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Be Prepared, Be CyberSmart

 CyberSecure.KiWi is proud to be official partners of CERT NZ's CyberSmart Week 2019. 

The Auckland event  "Be CyberSmart" for SMBs is on 14th Oct. Register on EventBrite, attend and get your personalised Cyber Action Plan

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